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Al Halsey - Mists of the Miskatonic


  • Al Halsey offers a tribute anthology inspired by his lifelong love of H.P Lovecraft's writings. Tremble as the ordinary becomes terrifying and deadly. Humans turn into monsters and monsters are reality. These stories of past, present and future will take you through sleepy small towns, then to the edge of space, time and madness. Danger lurks as the end of the world approaches, concealed by organizations and institutions whose goal is a semblance of order until the end. So lock your door, find a comfortable easy chair and set sail into the realms of terror that twist space and time. The ending is not the end: this is only the first book in the series Mists of the Miskatonic...   źródło opisu: źródło okładki:»

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Al Halsey - Mists of the Miskatonic pdf